Gaming on the CybertronPC Patriot GM series

On the right, I will talk about what it's like gaming on a Patriot GM series gaming computer by CybertronPC. 

The gaming computer industry has evolved rapidly ever since its inception way back in the 1990s. Nowadays, you can buy pre-built computers that are fully capable of playing today's games, even on medium and high settings, most even able to play at a 1080p resolution. 

One of those pre-built manufacturers is CybertronPC, perhaps the most popular seller of bre-built gaming computers. There is good reason for their popularity as well, since they consistently sell builds that are able to play games at high resolutions without skipping a beat. Of course, there are other competitors in the market, like Alienware and even ASUS, but no one really beats out CybertronPC in terms of quality and affordability. 

In this post, I will go over my favorite gaming computer ever, the CybertronPC Patriot GM1293D. I bought this computer way back around when it first released for sale to the public, in 2010. Keep in mind we are approaching a near-decade old date for this. But how have I been gaming on the same computer for so long?

Great question, which I am happy to answer. I have been using the same gaming computer for several years merely because I have been upgrading the hardware inside. The computer originally came with only decent hardware, maybe a $150 processor and a graphics card worth $200 back in the day. But these days, that hardware would be lucky to sell for $100 total. I don't remember precisely the exact models of the processor and GPU, but I do remember they were Intel and NVidia, respectively.

I have since upgraded to an awesome i5-6600k and GTX 1070 setup. It runs perfectly and I am still using the same motherboard I upgraded from years ago. I am able to play the latest games at 1080p, some of them have to be tuned down to around medium quality, however. For instance, I just launched Nier: Automata and finished the game, running at 60fps and 1080p resolution. It looks absolutely stunning.

I wasn't able to achieve this kind of power without upgrading the base system first. That is one handy tip I could give you guys if you left the page without learning anything else. You can buy a pre-built computer, upgrade it over the years, and it will last you a lifetime. That is considerably more affordable than just building a completely different PC yourself every so often. Doing that could run you thousands down the drain, when all it takes is a few hundred bucks to upgrade parts of your system every other year or so. 

CybertronPC Patriot performance

My GM1293D still runs like a charm. Even back when it was in its original form, with original hardware and setup, it ran games like Mass Effect 3 without a hiccup. Even The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim ran beautifully, and that game just only recently came out when I purchased the computer.

Now, with updated hardware, I am able to achieve virtually the same (relative) performance I was years ago. That is to say that the games released today will run on my computer, just like when I first bought the CybertronPC Patriot, when I was able to play games that just released.

As for heat, I think that is the Patriot's biggest weak point. The overall base of the system just does not have the best heat management. It's not to say that I think the computer heats up way too much, it's just I think the air flow could have been managed much better. I often hear my fans activating far too early into a session, which is not the case with some of my other builds.

Again, the upgradeability of the entire computer just makes me happy. Everything in the case is easy to install and upgrade, making the entire process as easy as can be. This ultimately helps me save money in the long run since I am not having to buy a new computer each time I want to play something I currently am not able to.